Tacoma Patch 1 notes!

We've updated Tacoma for Windows, Mac and Linux, cleaning up and fixing a few minor issues. The full patchnotes are below. Feel free to contact support@fullbrig.ht with any technical issues you run into!

Tacoma Patch 1 Notes

* Updates to localization for accuracy, particularly for tutorial key bindings.
* Hair band in Sareh's locker now properly labeled as a hair band. (Note: has nothing to do with the 1980s.)
* Various small fixes to in-game text formatting.
* Small fixes to in-game tutorials (text and behavior; rebound keys should display, and tutorial option should save properly).
* Items should no longer fall through the floor on subsequent reloads into gravitized wings. 
* Improved collision in a few areas to smooth player motion.
* Mechanical Engineering door should no longer be locked if the player backtracks.
* Resolution resets should no longer occur inappropriately when in Windowed mode on Windows.
* Returning from the Biomedical wing and having the skull appear in-hand should only occur the first time (if left behind in Hub); skull can also be carried back to Biomedical should the player so desire.
* Occupied locations for putting items back in place should no longer prompt the user.
* Overlay text for in-world writing appears at the proper time when the option is toggled.
* Player does not lose camera movement from initial animation when pressing a key/button.
* Loading a save game while an AR desktop is open will now properly allow the player to crouch.
* End credits display properly in 21:9 screen resolution
* Darts are properly saved and loaded.


tacoma-windows-64.zip 2 GB
Version 2 Sep 22, 2017
tacoma-linux-64.zip 2 GB
Version 2 Sep 22, 2017
tacoma-osx-64.zip 2 GB
Version 2 Sep 22, 2017

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